“As a designer, I usually craft with everyday materials, viewing design as a medium for reimagining common and recycled items to shift our perception of the ordinary”

Photo : Mahdi Azouzi

Iron lamps

Iron lamp is a local reinterpretation of a classic street lamp imported and massively sold in Tunisia.
The aim is to manufacture a monolithic lamp through the assembly of parts of the same material, involving both manual and industrial work.
The idea is to ennoble the perforated steel sheet: a material infinitely recyclable, precise and translucent but banalized in Tunisia.
The light is diffused through several layers of the perforated sheet, providing maximum visual comfort.
From this design, I developed a whole collection by playing with scale, colors and the dissociation of basic shapes. It included a table lamp, a pendant lamp and candleholders.

X marble lamp

X lamp is the result of a project to create a square monolithic lamp by assembling parts from a single material. The first prototype was made of wood. The result was warm, but not bright enough, so we decided to use translucent materials such as perforated sheet metal or onyx (marble). From this square lamp, we developed other shapes such as the circle (Round Lamp) and a shape in between (X lamp). The collection consists of three table lamps and three smaller pendant lamps, with the aim of producing as minimal waste as possible. The heart of these lamps is made of Tunisian plywood, a very banal material in Tunisia, and the idea was to ennoble it. The light is diffused upwards and spreads warmly through the translucent marble. These objects are made in a process that involves both manual and industrial work.

WAW tables